Shipping and Transport Information

When will I receive my order? prioritizes the security of credit card holders who make purchases on our site and checks the payment / billing information from the moment you place your order. In case the order approval is performed properly, the orders will be delivered to Istanbul within 2 working days after delivery and within 3 business days outside Istanbul. Delivery times may be extended in places without cargo branches.

Weekend Orders

Orders placed after 17:00 on weekdays are processed the next day and orders placed on the weekend are processed on Monday. There is no cargo delivery on Sundays.

Stock Issues

Delays may occur in your orders due to products that are rarely present in our stocks. In such cases, you will be contacted by your contact phone or e-mail. Completely fill your informations for us to reach you.

Address information

Please provide your address details as clearly as possible so that your order can reach you as quickly as possible. Even if you can write this section also describes information for your address. (Example: The third street, etc.)

Shipping Fees

You can see the shipping cost in your basket amount when ordering.